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Migrating fish blocked by the Tingue Dam constructed in 1763.
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September 2013 video of large fish trying to migrate to the upper Naugatuck River to spawn like their ancestor's did for ten's of thousands of years leading up to 1763. To learn more about dam removal on the Naugatuck River click here.
Where did they come from? It is highly probable that they came from Long Island Sound up the Housatonic River taking a right (by mistake) up the Naugatuck River then navigating into and up the Kinneytown Fish Ladder and became stuck here at the base of the Tingue Dam only one mile north of Kinneytown. These fish are unaware that the Tingue Dam Fish Bypass was about to begin construction just feet away. If they survive into late 2014 they will get another chance when the Bypass is completed in late 2014. Future migrating fish will be swimming along side soon to be built Naugatuck River Greenways. The river, its people, the wildlife and these fish are beginning a new journey of restoring the quality of life for all. This video shows that we have not yet killed their instincts and that we still have a chance to bring them back. (Video's: Kevin Zak)     

Revisit the community coming together in 2009 to get their hands dirty. 
Watch these River Hero's give back to the River.
(Video: Jack Walsh)

The Naugatuck River Revival Group's:A Look Back at the River 2013
 (5 minute movie trailer)

(Posted to on Jan 4 2014 by Naugatuck River Revival Group, Inc.) 

A 15 minute kayak ride from Waterbury to Beacon Falls 
during the 2012 River Race. 

(Posted on on May 9, 2012 by blanceemt) 

A Naugatuck High School Video Documentary Project.

(Posted to on June 12, 2010 by Ryan Frechette)
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